Friday, May 03, 2013

What do I do with it all?

While my dad was alive (he died the end of September after an 9 year slog with Alzheimer's), I kept his photo albums and paperwork and mementoes. So many things--and of course his finances--that it all eventually took over our guest room. Now that I am winding things up with his estate, I'm going through everything.

Some items are so old and out of date (payroll from 1984, anyone?) that consigning them to the Shred box is easy. Some are current and may yet be called upon so they're tagged and put in a box to store. And then there are the mementoes and the albums. If the photos are recognizable, I plan to scan them. But if they're of people I don't know? If they aren't marked? (Not my dad's forte.) What then? Do I just throw them away? Why keep them for my children to plow through someday when I'm gone? Why leave the task to them?

This must be why I find family photos and albums at trade days and in antique shops. Someone couldn't throw them away. Well, I'm going to have to. If I haven't a clue, out they will have to go. (An alternative is to ship them to my aunt. Here--have a look at these! No, I don't want them back.) And once the ones I know are scanned?

I have to keep them, I'm afraid. A little housekeeping for my kids in future years. Or an instant family for an antique store shopper.


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