Monday, April 15, 2013

From the mouths of babes

Charming--and quite telling--story told me this morning by a good friend:

My friend took her little granddaughter, age 6 or so, into a Starbucks. Darling had never been in one before and asked, very loudly, "What IS this place?"

My friend explained it was a coffee shop and didn't she want a cake ball? That was easily agreed upon and they sat down to enjoy. Around them were students working on their laptops and phones and my friend explained about free wifi and doing homework away from school.

Later--and here I can't remember the details, was it at Starbucks or around the dinner table--the granddaughter declared that all the people concentrating on their laptops and not on each other, was just like home!

Ouch! A lesson for us all.


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