Sunday, March 03, 2013

"You have 30 minutes."

The Florida sinkhole story has had us all transfixed to the tragedy of not only losing our house and possessions, but also a loved one. Sinkholes are not uncommon; they are just rarely so tragic.

Fearing the neighbors on either side could also be victims of this sinkhole, authorities gave them 20 (and in the CNN story it was cited as 30) minutes to get what they needed and leave their homes.

What would you take? My spouse and I discussed this and we each had the same list but with a different order.

He started with passports and insurance documents. I started with the house cats. Alas, the outdoor cats, some of whom are uncatchable as it is, would be fending for themselves. Computers. Camera. Grab suitcases and pile latest bank statements and special mementos in them. If the photos haven't been scanned into the computer or still sitting on the SD-card, they might be lost. (Wake up call: start scanning!) Clothes for a few days until the authorities--hopefully--declared you safe and you could at least retrieve everything else because living next door to a 50-60 foot hole in the ground is not going to do it for most of us.

This list is akin to the ones I interviewed people about when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. What should you put in the car and skedaddle to safety with?

Thirty minutes. What would you do first?

I'm getting the cats.


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