Wednesday, March 13, 2013

RIP, Mousey

Well, that certainly didn't take long!

Monday morning, I'm opening the blinds at 6. It's dark outside thanks to daylight savings time and the only light on in the house is in the kitchen. Some sheds through to the den, but I don't need it to know what has just been rolled by my foot.

(Note: We don't have a large den, but still, how was it placed so I'd step on it?)

Mousey. Dead mousey.

I turn on a light and sure enough, stretched out in front of the television so the master of the house will be sure to see it (if he were up at 6 AM), is mousey. Besides looking like he's just had a bath, he appears unharmed. A trophy, as it were. I dispose of the carcass and praise Tuxedo because I know he's the victor.

One less mouse in the world and thank goodness! I had on house shoes!


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