Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On learning my numbers

Some miscreant pilfered my online credit card and attempted to use it for his (or her) own gain. Thanks to the sharp eyes at the credit card issuer, it didn't work and I was contacted immediately as to its fraudulent usage. But that meant I had to get a new card.

Oh, thrill. This is the one card whose number I have memorized. I could type it in my sleep. And now, I was going to have to learn a new one.

I didn't have much hope for doing this quickly as I have yet to commit to memory the phone numbers of both daughters-in-law and one son. I just hit their names on the cell phone and its memory does it for me. How long would learning a new card take?

Two buys. Honestly. Never have 16 numbers been embedded in my mind so quickly, as well as the expiration date and the little numbers on the back.

Maybe I should start typing those elusive phone numbers. Maybe I should.


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