Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Winning at the State Fair!

Many years ago I would enter my canned goods in the Texas State Fair and sometimes I would win a ribbon. Last year, I entered jellies and got an Honorable Mention for my Lite Cherry Jelly. This year, I didn't put up any jellies, but I took advantage of the vegetable, more specifically the tomato, abundance and found all sorts of things to do with them.

Then I took my ego in my hands and shipped in four entries. One article I've read stated there were over 1000 entries. I counted 169 categories.

Saturday I got the results in a letter from the Creative Arts Department.

AND I WON!!!!!!!

I had to have my husband look at the letter also to make sure I was interpreting it correctly. Three first places and one second!!!!!!

Second place:

First place:
Hot dill pickles
Mincemeat (made from green tomatoes and fruit)
Green tomato relish

PINCH ME!!!!!!!!

Joyous as I am, I'm now plotting to enter the bread baking on Sept. 30. Stay tuned.


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