Thursday, July 26, 2012


As a couple, we have a special meal, Chateaubriand. It's a tenderloin of steak, always, it seems, served for two. It is named, according to that encyclopedic source Wikipedia, for a member of Napoleon's staff. We rarely see it on a menu and when we do, we cannot resist.

Why this gastronomic obsession? Before we were engaged to be married, we were in Mexico City on a college study. Across the street from the Hotel Geneve in the Zona Rosa was a restaurant that, as best I can tell from Google's Street View, is no longer there. But we went there one night and had Caesar salad prepared tableside and Chateaubriand. Quite a splurge for two college students and probably one my future other half paid for.

A year and a half later, we were back in Mexico City and celebrating our first anniversary. I know we would have dined there. I can't remember the Chateaubriand.

And so it lay in our memories until we dined at Dallas' Old Warsaw some years ago. There, nestled in the menu, was our old friend. A quick peek at the menu finds it still exists, but by the price is a solo offering. Sigh. Sharing is so special.

Now, we are looking for a spot to celebrate our 40th anniversary. The reservation was cinched when we saw on the menu Chateaubriand for two.

The only difference is that now we have much better taste (and pocketbook) in wine.


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