Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ah, July

It has finally truly turned hot. Hot as in 100-degree-plus days and no wind. Stifling. The heat just sits on your skin and there's nothing to brush it off and tell it to go elsewhere.

We really can't complain since it's past the middle of July and we're just now to this stage of things. Last year we were knee-deep in drought and unseemly high temps in June.

So it's best to just stay inside, run from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned building. I've been doing a bit of cleaning out, kitchen things, the five tubs of old linens I've stockpiled. I reduced them to maybe 4 1/2. I found a bunch of old ties I'd forgotten about. Really old things, 40s and 50s old. Wish I'd known where those were when I'd done my last tie project, a quilt for the library to have a buy-a-chance on. It raised over $300!

Right now, I'm thinking I need to clean out a couple of drawers. Well, I need to do more than that, but I think I can manage two about now.

Re-check the email. Get out of the chair...


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