Monday, July 09, 2012

"You can download it, MoKa."

Our grandchildren, Emily and Jack, spent part of the weekend with us. We had planned to fish, swim, and maybe hit a few golf balls. Instead, we got some much needed rain.

Ah, a 5 year old and a 3 year old stuck without their usual toys, although they did seem to bring plenty with them. Emily was more understanding of the situation as she claimed her granddaddy's lounge chair and settled in to watch cartoons. Jack... not so understanding.

So I set him to watching the radar with me between eyeing the cartoons and playing with his multitude of cars. We zipped them up and down the kitchen floor for a while. He tried to hone in on Emily's chair which precipitated a minor skirmish. He gave wishful thinking to the radar screen. Then, he played what he thought was his trump card.

In order to keep peace and have everyone occupied on a recent trip to London, my daughter-in-law had downloaded games to her iPad and iPhone. The children had loved them and peace and sleep had reigned on the plane. Now, in order to convince me that he could be bribed into not being bored, Jack informed me that I could download games onto my iPad.

Clever little boy. Stubborn old MoKa. No games were forthcoming.

Eventually, we went to supper and the skies cleared sufficiently to swim. But we've not forgotten we were really meant to be clearing a pond of perch.


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