Monday, July 02, 2012

How to eat a peach

Tis freestone peach season here and the harvest is plentiful. I picked a bushel of peaches up in the north part of the county last Friday. From leaving the house, driving 12 miles, picking, leaving some with my in-laws, and returning home: 1 hour 15 minutes. Now that's easy picking!

The trees are so loaded they are breaking under the weight. This particular variety was Red Globe, but Majestic and Loring are to follow. I spent Friday afternoon freezing 18 generous pints. That left about 30 peaches that were not quite ripe enough.

So, one must simply eat them as they ripen.

I took some to my son's house. Come to find out, we don't all eat peaches the same way.

My spouse peels the peach, then slices. My daughter-in-law slices and eats the peel. Her husband, son #1, cuts the peach in half, divests it of the pit, and slices and eats the peel.

Son #2 and I eat them correctly: Slice around the peach to twist it in half and "free" the stone. Peel. Slice and eat or just take slurpy bites because these peaches are now very ripe and sweet and juicy.

I love peach season--no matter how you slice them!


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