Friday, September 23, 2011

Clothes Make the Man

In high school, short stories abounded. I think in 9th grade it was de rigueur. Of the stories I remember were Guy du Maupassant's The Necklace and Clothes Make the Man. For x-number of years, I have attributed the latter to Guy also but have never found it.

So today the librarian and I are discussing books and stories as I'm labeling our older/rarer books for the used book sale with prices more in line with their value than a dollar per hardback. And I tell her of my quest. And she has the nerve to google it and voila! there it is: a short story by Henri Duvernois.

Right title, wrong author.

So in this short story, a gang of thieves is about their thieving, but one of them has to dress as a policeman. Pretty soon, he's acting as a policeman because he's getting the respect due a policeman.

Clothes have, indeed, made the man.

Dress the part. Act the part. Should be easy to remember. And to think I learned that at 14.

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At 12:21 AM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I remember the story as being Gus De Maupassant "clothes make the Man" also. it has stuck with me and for 50 years and I have recommended it to others. To remember a minor french author from a story in 9th grade and then find it was the wrong author does not diminish either him or the story.


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