Sunday, August 21, 2011

The best birthday ever

Or at least, that I can remember!

I became the big 6-0 this weekend. There's not any sense denying the passage of time, although I could probably pass for 55.

On my "big" birthdays, I like to do a little extra celebrating. At 30, I threw my own bridge party. At 40, the spouse took me to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose Texas for a weekend in a high-class tent and a pseudo-safari. At 50, we had about 35 people at a restaurant for a Mexican buffet, then back to the newly remodeled kitchen for birthday pie. At 55, I did a hands-on cooking class with friends and relatives. What fun! Hard to top, but I've done it.

This year, we packed up kids, in-laws, grandkids, and headed to the JW Marriott resort in San Antonio. It's a something for everyone place, so the guys could golf, the kids swim. There was a spa and delicious food and great service. Saturday night we dined at La Fogata, my favorite Mexican restaurant in all the world, and listened to a mariachi band.

I became 60 in style.

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