Thursday, August 11, 2011

39 and counting

Tomorrow we will be married 39 years. 39. Where does the time go?

So I got to thinking about what, besides the "selections" of china, silverware, and crystal, we still have that we had when we moved into our first apartment.

Two pieces of Club Aluminum. Harvest gold. I may have switched to other cookings pots (on my second set of Calphalon), but I keep the two big, 8 and 12 quart, pots for making jelly.

Steak knives. A gift from the best man's family. Bone handled. Bought at Neiman Marcus. Just as beautiful and sharp as the day we opened the gift.

Four grapefruit spoons, a gift from a good friend's parents. How little we thought of the gift then. How much we use them now.

A cache pot. Really. Think big white vessel we keep an ivy perched in. It developed a crack along the way. Who hasn't?

Hanging lamp from an uncle. It has orange flowers on it, tiny. We've had it rewired twice, no, three times. Love it.

My little gray plastic tool box which keeps the picture hanging materials now. At one time, it held all our tools.

Avocado green folding chairs. Acquired, along with a card table, with S&H Green Stamps. The table tore up long ago.

A crab/shrimp/corn on the cob cooking pot. It's decorated with all sorts of colorful creatures. We used it for years and now it sits on a shelf, but I'm not discarding it.

Avocado green Rival crock pot. Doesn't hold diddley compared to the new ones, but I still have it until it is needed elsewhere. I occasionally see it at antique stores for $5.

Various church cookbooks.

The hassock. It belonged to my parents and we have photos of me when I was two pulling the cat around by his tail as he lazes on top. He was definitely a good and patient cat. John. Mother had it recovered for us and gave it to us as a footstool cum coffee table. And it still is, 39 years later.

Oh--and we still have each other!



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