Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy birthday to Matt!

Today son #1 is 34. Where does the time go? And how technology changes.

Once he left the nest where we celebrated with swimming parties and basketball parties and overnights, we'd call and sing "happy birthday" to him. Then came the era of texting and since we didn't want to disturb him at work with our off-key singing, I'd text the song to him.

But today... today we did FaceTime. How wonderful to see him in his robe in his kitchen with the kids around and eating breakfast. It's Emily's first day of pre-kindergarten (Where does the time really go? Wasn't she just born last year?) and everyone was excited.

So we wished him 'happy birthday' and we sang.

Off-key. Lucky man... not only did he hear us, he could see us!

Happy birthday, Matt!

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