Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When an 'Up' toilet seat is okay

I was raised in what was, basically, a female household. From the time I was 9 or so, Mother had so remodeled the house that Daddy had his own private half-bath off the kitchen. Therefore, the toilet seat in the girls' bathroom was always down.

Then I married and produced two sons and spent the next twenty-plus years complaining about the majority of the household not being considerate of the minority of the household in their toilet-seat-manners. 'Up' was the (com)mode of the day. It was get used to it or wear myself out complaining. As the boys grew older, I found there were genuinely lots of other things to complain about, and 'Up' became merely a sore point.

Then, last week, I had an epiphany. There's a definite place for 'Up' and it's in the ladies' room.

Ever go shopping early in morning, just after the store opens? If you've traveled a fair bit to get there (an hour is normal from where I live), the first place you want to go is the ladies' room. It's unsullied at that time of day (24 hour stores perhaps the exception) and the seats are 'Up' to prove that. Putting one down is guarantee that someone has just been through with the cleaning products.

Of course, I suppose, someone could put the seat back up after use, but really, don't you think that's counterintuitive for women? I do. It just wouldn't be natural.

So 'Up' means clean, but alas, probably only in the ladies' room.

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