Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reunions abound

Had another reunion today, this one with a group of women I had served on a charitable committee with during the '90s. I resigned in 2001, as my chairmanship year was over, and the committee continued for a few years more before time and circumstance disbanded it. But today, a member who'd moved in 1999 was visiting and we got together for lunch. I was really looking forward to this as I hadn't seen most of them in the intervening years.

What fun! Although only half of us were able to be there, I loved the stories and catching up. Finding out that where there once were high school kids around the house, there are now grandchildren visiting. What was supposed to last an hour and a half turned into much more.

And, while we acted like men and everyone put an appropriate amount onto the check without bothering over who had tea and whose salad cost more (little old ladies in the tearoom syndrome), we did stand ready to each add more had our leader deigned it necessary.

Then, just to keep up the pattern from the previous post, I'd have to say that we all still looked very good.

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