Sunday, November 08, 2009

Catch'em before they Fall

We have a ginkgo tree, one of three or four in our town. It's 17 years old and was a gift from a friend. As a twig, it was put in the spot where a huge old hackberry had stood. The first trunk, such as it was, died, but the ginkgo sent up another shoot and this is the one that's now a good 25 feet tall. It branches out latterly and is basically nondescript or bare for 11 months of the year. Then, come autumn, it puts on a show-stopper of foliage. It turns brilliant, traffic-stopping yellow and gold.

But alas, we'll wake up one morning and where there had been a tree with slowly falling leaves, there will be a robust twig. All leaves--gone! Therefore, we enjoy it while we can. To that, here are pictures. The last one I took by standing underneath it at night and setting my camera on a tripod. The yard light gave it an eerie glow.

So, until next Fall...

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