Friday, November 06, 2009

Garmin and I reach detente

Not to be deterred by a piece of technology, I once again entered the realm of tapping Carmen Garmin's buttons. This time, I started with where I was and kept sliding my finger to show where I knew I should be going. There, coming into map view, was Cooper Lake. Going in closer, there was the State Park. Why, that little rascal! It was there all along. Now, how to make CG bring it up.

I pointed at the intersection and instead of FM 3505, it gave me Hwy 3503. Tapping again found CG waffling in her addressing and naming it FM 3505 and FM 3503. Tsk, tsk. I went back to the Find it screen and typed in the address as Hwy and voila! there it was!

Somehow, with CG, it's all about semantics. Quicker than quick, she lays in the map and wants me to leave immediately. No such luck, girl. I hear the preferred route has a water washout and we'll be detouring no matter what. I suppose, had I been allowed to register and upgrade, she'd have known that?

Not putting money on that one.

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