Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I dutifully follow the procedures to copyright each of my books. I still remember the special thrill of holding the official document from the US Copyright Office for The Mermaid and the Eagle. I almost framed it. It had taken a few months to get it, but I heard that was normal. It seemed to take longer with each succeeding book and then 9/11 sent everything catty-whumpus and it took even longer.

So when I mailed off the paperwork for Wedding Belle Blues in Jan 2008, the month of its publication, I didn't expect to have it back that spring. Maybe not even that summer. The check was cashed, so I knew they had the goods. No problem. I forgot all about it.

Which was good, I suppose, that I didn't fret because I got the official copyright paperwork back this week, 22 months after I sent it in. But I've been covered in US Copyright since Jan 30, 2008. My paperwork says so.



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