Thursday, November 05, 2009

Me vs. the Garmin

My children gifted me with a Garmin for my birthday, specifically for our use in California last month. We plugged her in (her name is Carmen Garmin because I like names that rhyme) and, while she didn't always direct us the way the paper map did, she always got us there. Good girl.

But I don't use her around here because I know my way. And I was a bit miffed because to even register her, I had to plug her into my mac and--I really am not surprised--they weren't currently supporting the version (newest, btw) of Safari I have. So, unregistered and non-upgradeable, still she's serving her purpose.

Until today. Today I am quite disgusted with her.

We will soon be venturing for an afternoon to Cooper Lake State Park. It's an hour from here and we know the way. But for grins... why not have CG tell me how she thinks I should go?

I get past the screens for the state and the town and I'm typing in the address as given on the State Park website. I get no further than 'FM' (farm-to-market road) when she immediately gives me two choices of FMs. Neither one is the one I want. There is no getting her off of it. She will NOT let me enter the proper number. I have a take-it-or-leave-it situation.

So I think to outsmart her and go back to the beginning and type in the name of the State Park. The little hour glass spins and spins. And spins. I empty the groceries from the car and put them up and still she is spinning. Finally, the verdict: No Matches.

Perhaps someone should tell the Texas Park system that Cooper Lake doesn't exist. Maybe I will when I check in.

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