Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Memory Monday on Tuesday: Reunions

We never went to family reunions. Either my mother didn't want to see any of the family she had (she did stay close with local cousins) or there simply weren't any. I, in turn, married into a family which greatly enjoys them.

But that's not the kind of reunions I wish to talk about. We attended my 40th high school reunion this past weekend. Forty years. Most of these people I hadn't seen since our 20th, some not since the 10th or high school graduation. We hadn't had a reunion in the intervening years.

It was fun to see and hear how people were doing, to realize that without the name tag and the senior annual photo pinned to each chest, I wouldn't have had a clue who most of them were. Certainly not the guys. The gals, and this was a universal gal-opinion, had all held up much better than our male compatriots. The girls I had a better chance of recognizing cold.

All sorts of promises were made, to get on facebook and keep in touch through email. We'll see. We really should try for a 45th, as our numbers are thinning, and 10% are already deceased.

I finally figured out that there were few surprises. People had done just about what you expected of them both in the career and personality (can't think of one who'd changed) departments. So, I guess we really can't outrun ourselves.

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