Saturday, October 12, 2013

The self-published world--entered at last!

Thanks to expert formatting by Ink Lion Books, I published After the Thunder Rolls Away on Amazon with my first click of the Submit button.

I'll be attempting the same on Nook and iBooks, but there are sooo many hoops to jump through.

In the meantime, here's a summary and I hope you find it sufficiently intriguing to check it out and hopefully purchase.

The lives of two families are forever changed when a car accident kills one spouse of each family. But which one? How do the remaining two rebuild their lives? And what if it had been two others?

Mark and Angel O'Shea, Eric and Paulina Eubanks--best friends and business partners are driving home early one summer morning from a country club party when a deer darts out in front of Mark's new car. Paulina's sure driving saves them from the first deer, then the second, but the third is a surprise and they plunge off the narrow Texas highway down a ravine and into a slow-moving river.

There are four outcomes to this horrifying, community-changing event. Four ways the families may have to reconfigure their lives, hopes, and dreams.

But which outcome is it… after Fate steps in.


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