Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beginnings--a round robin topic

I'm participating in my second round-robin blogfest. The first one earlier this summer I posted to my website. This one I decided to post here.

Ah, beginnings.

I think beginning anything is a two-edged sword. You might succeed; you might not. To begin is to accept the possibility of failure.

Perhaps thirty years ago, my neighbor taught me to make hot dill pickles. I had some instant success, boldly entering them in the Texas State Fair and taking home a first place ribbon. For some reason, I got out of the habit of making pickles for many years and then summer 2012, I was offered pickling cucumbers. And I once again took a first place ribbon at the Texas State Fair.

Success having gone to my head, I put up pickles again this year. And I have a 4th place ribbon to show for it. Both my husband and I agree that they're not as tasty as last year's. The ribbon might not even be deserved!

To begin is to accept that you might fail. I'll not stop putting up pickles. I'll not stop writing, even though I'm taking on a new approach for my work by self-publishing. I might fail, but it's going to be a very interesting beginning.

To see what author Fiona McGier has to say about Beginnings, go here.

Other participants are listed below. Hop on anywhere and begin the ride!

Diane Bator
Beverly Bateman
Ginger Simpson
Lynn Crain
Connie Vine
Rhobin Lee Courtright


At 7:37 AM CDT, Blogger Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

First place on first time try? Wow! That must have been a wonderful recipe, and isn't it funny how the same recipe changes with the cucumbers used?
Thanks for participating!

At 3:01 PM CDT, Blogger Ginger Jones Simpson said...

I never earned a ribbon for anything except play day in grammar school where everyone got one. You should be very proud. Thanks for joining the Round Robin so we can keep it going. It's most interesting to see how people interpret Robin's topics.

At 4:15 PM CDT, Blogger Anthology Authors said...

Hi Kay,

You missed me in the list for the blog tour, but I came late on the scene. :)

If you don't begin, you can't succeed. So, for me, beginnings rarely end in true failure. Maybe some lessons I wasn't really interested in learning :D , but never real failure. Of course, at the time, I viewed them as failures. Now, being more mature and wiser (hahaha), I see them as a "what not to do" lesson. ;)

But you have to begin or you'll never know.

I bet the 4th place finish was a result of the cucumbers. It's all about the quality. :D


At 6:23 PM CDT, Blogger darkwriter said...

I'm thinking that must be an awesome pickle recipe.
And yes, self publishing is an exciting but challenging beginning.

At 7:50 PM CDT, Blogger vicki batman said...

Hi, Kay! I found you through Beverly. How much fun is your round robin blogfest!

As for pickles, I will be sure to check them out. I love the fair. Hugs

At 5:22 AM CDT, Blogger Lynn Crain said...

I love your pickle story! And taking first place your first time out...fabulous. Reminds me of when I was a kid and joined 4-H. I'd never been and I got a First Place ribbon for sewing...lots of jealous girls who had been entering for years...LOL!

Success is based upon beginnings. Thanks for sharing your insight on beginnings.

At 11:13 PM CDT, Blogger Fiona McGier said...

If you don't try, you'll never succeed, right? Trying at least gives you the chance of success. Before I was published I thought that being published would mean I was a success. Now I'd just like to know someone is reading my books.

Funny how your perspective changes from before you began, huh?


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