Monday, September 09, 2013

Leaping into self-publishing

I have thought about and rewritten and finally compiled my first-to-be self-published novel, After the Thunder Rolls Away. The cover art is being worked on and I've queried the formatter for a time schedule, plus I'm taking two online courses in what this is all about and how to do it and not reinvent the wheel!

Also, I have received my rights back to my 11 romance novels with Wings ePress, Inc. I want the opportunity to revise them and hopefully, self-publish those revisions. For example, when I initially wrote Lyla's Song, not only was it a stand-alone novel, I never imagined it being the first of six books in a series. Then my wonderful, now deceased, editor Lorraine said, "Doesn't your hero have a twin brother?" And it was all downhill from there!

I'll definitely keep the blog and my website, up to speed on all the progress.


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