Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What do you mean, it's September?

Already? Already it's September? What happened to August? Other than celebrating my anniversary and my birthday. And a son's birthday with an adult family dinner. All that fun and the month just flew!

I asked for matinee tickets to The Book of Mormon for my birthday present from my sons and I got them. Fun afternoon. An irreverent show, but not mean-spirited. I fear I missed some of the lyrics because it was going so fast and I was trying to catch it all. Must be what seeing it again is for.

But back to the topic. It's September already. My goal for the rest of the year is to self-publish a novel. I handed out copies to friends to edit and to answer the critical question: Does this even make sense? I have half back and hope to have the rest this week. I'll read and compile and send to a formatter. I have a list of things to do after that to get myself ready, such as getting an Amazon Central author's page.

Since I like making lists and checking things off, I should be very happy.

And then, it'll be October! But why shouldn't it be? Hobby Lobby has had Christmas on the racks since August!


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