Thursday, July 11, 2013

Three things that haven't worked like I wanted them to this summer

How's that for giving away the story in the subject line?

1. Two years ago I saw an advertisement for plant pulleys. Found them, about $10 for a package of two, bought three or four packages. For the most part they've worked exceptionally well and as my front porch is quite high, the pulleys have assured my hanging baskets of a more regular and thorough watering.

So when I went to replace the one or two that gave up the ghost, I couldn't find them in stores. Online, they were available from sellers I didn't know. Price was $5/2 with $5 shipping/package. Stubbornness set in and I refused to pay it. Then, I found them in a catalog, a slightly different presentation, more expensive, but I'd dealt with the catalog before, so I ordered three packages.

Only problem? In the package of two, one is lime green. Whose idea was that?

2. And speaking of lime green, I bought into the $20 lime green flex-able hose packages that are ubiquitous this season. A friend had the black ones and I should have sought them out because of the three hose (hoses?) I bought, two of them have busted. So this morning, I picked up the third as well and carried them all to the trash. Then I reattached the old, thick, heavy hose back to the spigot and hung my head. $60 plus tax, down the drain.

3. Hoping to cater to a better avian clientele, or at least a more varied one, I bought some upscale sunflower seed. There's almonds and safflower seeds and all kinds of goodness in there. Same old clientele, just hungrier and greedier. The stuff must really be good because the sparrows, finches, and cardinals will empty it in a day.

And it's only July.


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