Thursday, July 04, 2013

A lifetime of repurposing

I'm still slogging through the family memorabilia, trying to condense the photos and paper odds and ends to manageable piles. Or, at least, to ship it off somewhere else, like to a cousin, my sister, and two old family friends. What happens to it at the other end is no longer my affair.

Amongst the paper items my mother saved were handmade (and not very well, I might add) greeting cards. One was a Christmas card to my dad. I had dutifully written his full name on the outside of the folded manila paper and inside glued a Christmas card. Very pretty. Very 50s. Very a card from someone else.

I had scratched out the sender's name and written my full name, lest Daddy not know this particular daughter Kay from any other daughter Kay.

Repurposing--recycling--being so cheap I wouldn't get a new card from the box of 20 lookalikes--it started before I was ten.


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