Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just exactly where have I been?

Not that I'm the most active blogger, but three and a half weeks of silence is a stretch even for me. So, where have I been?

South America! On a Silversea cruise. We journeyed from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires Argentina via Uruguay and The Falklands. It was 16 days aboard ship and a day before and three after on land. Although I'm not sure which part of the adventure I would have deleted (the first day in Uruguay and the Porto Aisen stop in Chile perhaps), it was too long on the ship. Not that we weren't pampered and well-fed. Not by any means. We were SPOILED.

I've just completed a run through of our 700+ photos and put an unknown number on a flash drive for a trip to Walmart and the printer. I'll be writing a set of articles for the North Texas eNews as well and will post here when they're up. I have to arrange it all in my mind first.

Until then!


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