Thursday, September 20, 2012

Joys of Autumn

There are many things to like about autumn. In fact, some people claim it's their favorite time of year. Personally, I'm fonder of spring, but there are many attributes of autumn not found in spring.

Cooler days: Turn off the a/c and open the windows! Air the house! Yes!

Cooler nights: Great sleeping weather. Beautiful crisp morning skies with loads of bright stars. I say hello to Orion every morning as I fetch the paper.

This combo of coolness means less watering of the porch and patio plants. Good. I'm getting tired of the daily ritual, but I'm not ready for them to die yet, either. The enthusiasm of spring for bright colors is fading.

The sense of anticipation: Fall festivals, Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties!

And the best joy? This year it's that all those jeans I packed away in April still zip!


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