Monday, May 21, 2012

Going for the ribs

The spouse and I are on a quest to conquer pork ribs. We've just begun the journey and our efforts have been mediocre at best.

We've been prompted to this by the opening of a Mexican meat market in town and friends who've had success with their ribs. Somehow it's just more real when you can choose your ribs and they're not in cryovac.

What has stopped us from ever trying in the first place is the idea of grilling over slow heat. We use charcoal. Slow heat is rapidly no heat. How about the oven?

First effort, I bought the wrong thing. Now, I know that sounds impossible but I used the term "marinade" because my husband's friends had got a marinade recipe when they'd bought ribs. The skinny little marinated ribs were tough and not very good to boot. Perhaps I'd not made myself understood?

Second effort, the spouse purchased the ribs. He got the meat he wanted but somewhere in the translation the marinade was not quite right and we tried to start at 4 in the afternoon and well, we were closer--and they were better as leftovers--but it wasn't right. We'd even "finished" them on the grill.

Third and I've taken back over. I'm fond of cutting out rib recipes from magazines and newspapers, each promising to be the ultimate one. This time I'm trusting Cook's Country's indoor ribs. They've rarely steered me wrong. I started in adequate time and there's no charcoal involved.

I'll let you know.


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