Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I need a new winter robe. My last one, made of terry and showing serious signs of wear, was cut up last spring and recycled into dust cloths and a blanket and pillow for the granddaughter's baby doll. That left me with several lightweight options and an entire summer and fall to find a replacement.

It is snowing outside (but not sticking) and I have no robe.

I spent yesterday shopping three big department stores. I don't want terry or velour. I don't want white or black or red. I want long. I'd tolerate a zipper-close instead of a tie. I'm not into paying $100 for it. If the weight was right, the length wasn't. And that's the closest I got: right weight, wrong length. To my knees does not a winter robe make.

Sheesh! Who knew it could be so hard? I've made my own from chenille bedspreads in the past and I may have to accomplish the same task again. Just not what I wanted to do. Plus, I don't think I have any on hand.

Perhaps I'll just wear two summer robes instead/until I find what I'm looking for.

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