Thursday, November 26, 2009

The best thing I've bought for Thanksgiving

For starters, Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for stopping by to see what's going on this day. Or, the day after, whatever. I've enjoyed this blog way too much probably and I wouldn't be doing it without an audience. Or, really, I would be, but it's nice to know people read because they tell me they do.

That said, back to the subject line. The best thing I've bought for Thanksgiving this year (and Christmas) is a box of brining bags from Williams-Sonoma. Granted there are other places which sell them, and they may be every bit as good, but I can really speak for these.

I started brining turkeys with an ABC Good Morning America broadcast in Dec 2001. Emeril was doing his best to convince America this was the way to go. I printed the recipe and never looked back.

But brining is a bit of an exercise in turkey turning and holding your mouth just right while doing it. One does not want to burst the bag while making sure the other side of the bird is immersed. I've used garbage bags and tight knots and been lucky. This year, I succumbed to brining bags and I'm glad I did.

First of all, they're very thick. Very. They have a double zip closure and a little white pin to make sure you get it done. No leaks and the bird was always visible.

There are four in the package, two large, two small. I'll probably have a collection of the small ones before this out, but I'm definitely a brining bag girl now!

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