Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Good Will Christmas

If you thought the overabundance of Christmas at retailers like WalMart and Hobby Lobby was enough to stop you at the door, then you haven't been to your local Goodwill store. At least the one I visited yesterday put all other venues to shame.

Starting with the bare trees at the door and proceeding through Christmas porcelain odds and ends, to clear garbage bags stuffed with stuffed animals to knick-knacks still in their boxes--the store was a vision of North Pole rejects. Some had clearly been loved too much; others had been tossed due to neglect. There were strings of lights and boxes and boxes of balls and ornaments. After awhile, my eyes glazed over.

After Thanksgiving--you know, when it's the proper time to have all things Christmas--I think I'll clear my mind and go back. I hear a reindeer calling me--and I'm a sucker for a new to me reindeer... or two every year.

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