Friday, August 03, 2007

Day 11: M2M: Sliding in on a wing and a prayer

Well, we really didn't come in that way. For starters, the RV didn't have wings, not even at 70 mph. What it didn't have either is air conditioning much beyond the driver's seat for 3 days. But we did fine, starting early in the day and keeping our travel time relatively short.

Once home, we spent 90 minutes unloading the thing (how did we get so much in there?) and then cleaning the interior. Then this morning before it was driven back, it got an outside bath. It needed it because we only had bad weather one day, then it was a drizzle and a week ago. Meanwhile, at home in north Texas, they'd been (ahem!) blessed with close to 6 inches of rain early in the week.

Upon coming home, cats Tuxedo and Pyewacket were a bit stand-offish. After all, we had deserted them, leaving them to only lap up twice daily visits from their "aunt." They were hardly neglected nor inconvenienced, but try telling that to a spoiled housecat. The flower beds are overgrown, the butterflies are having a field day, the house needs to be dusted (gag!) and vacuumed (immediately if not sooner), and I did laundry for 7 hours. I can barely see over the ironing pile. All this, bills and mail and checking on my dad, and, gee, it's good to be home!

Always good to go and have new experiences and see new things, but, you know, it's great to be home, too!

Photos are excellent and I'll post some later.

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