Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day .5: Moseying to Michigan

We named all of our RV trips: North to New Jersey, Rockin' West, Mission: Maine. So Moseying to Michigan will do until the minds I'm traveling with figure out what I've done and change it for me.

Yesterday, we picked up the rental. All I have to say is this: four ah-retentive adults combing over an RV for all its faults, videoing everything including the instructions on how to use it, and I'm surprised we made it out of the parking lot. The man in charge was more than glad to see us go.

Now that we've moved in and looked around, I am quite impressed. It's a 31' Class C, which means two of us sleep over the cab. That's fine and we'll trade for the back bed halfway through. Either we're underpacked or there is way more room than there was in our 23' Shasta from 20 years ago. The a/c has been running since last night and it is much cooler than the house. We were tempted to stay!

The one bug is the TV. Color though it is, it is playiing in black and white. There's a new VCR/DVD for our use which is very nice but it's still doing b/w. I'll report it in the morning. I thought it might be a cable problem, but even rearranging ins and outs didn't solve it.

So we'll be back to the 50s. I'll have to think of it as film noir.

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