Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 4: M2M: Generate-ing

12 MORE things to do while waiting for the generator to be fixed in Escanaba, MI: (And no, I'm not kidding)

1. Be thankful for cell phones to call for advice.
2. Be thankful you just passed an RV service center.
3. Be thankful they'll actually look at it and try to fix it. (They do.)
4. Make that second cup of iced coffee because you couldn't enjoy the first worrying about why the generator was all of a sudden DEAD.
5. Start this list.
6. Do handwork.
7. Read.
8. Exchange horror stories with the gals in the service center who rent their vehicles.
9. Run down the cell phone battery calling the rental company and the next RV reservation site.
10. Contemplate exchanging this RV out for another and putting on the rental agency's credit card.
11. Be glad it's turned cooler and you don't really need that generator for a/c until you start home on Tuesday.
12. Smile and wave to the mechanic as you slowly pull away.

It was a bad generator ground wire.

PS: We're in Munising, MI, and no, I haven't been in charge yet!

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