Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 1: Moseying to Michigan

Ah, sitting in the RV at the Springfield MO KOA doing email and blogging. I think times have changed camping.

Today, we started at 8 with a photo in front of the RV, pulled out of the driveway and started our adventure. An hour or two down the road, the important question became: where's the gas tank. No one seemed to know, but a stop at the first gas station found it. ( Whew!) Then we learned we had to turn on the water pump before we used the toilet. Doing handwork I realized it's really, really hard to thread a needle bumping down the road and the roads in Oklahoma are very bumpy.

We started the license plate game and found 18 states, Ontario, and the Army-Air Force Exchange Service. Who knew?

Sandwiches for lunch, a stop at Precious Moments in Carthage, MO (verrrry interesting), dinner out (didn't want to push the cook-out issue), and we're at the KOA. Very nice and quiet except the trains every hour and the proximity to the airport. A couple of bottles of wine, the coffee pot set up for the morning, and the beds made.

Day one, over and out.

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At 7:10 PM CDT, Anonymous Sue Smith said...

OK so who was the MOD? And who is today? We need to know these things! Prescious Moments? I didn't know you were interested!
We are about to put some steaks on the bar-b and jump in the spa--it was wonderful last night!
The kitties are all doing well, but a little off their feed. I'm sure they will make up for it later.
Thinking of you...all.
Love, Sue & Mike
PS--got the IMAC fixed--new power source.


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