Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 6/7: M2M: Michigan at its best

Didn't get to post yesterday because the WiFi at the St. Ignace MI KOA was so sloooow. I was fighting an uphill battle so today, you get two (yes, two!) adventures for the price of one. And I won't be as long-winded because of it.

Yesterday we drove from Munising to the Mackinac Island area. Got there before lunch and took the shuttle to the ferry dock. Gorgeous day with blue, blue skies. Arriving at Mackinac is a bit like finding oneself on Main Street USA of Disney World. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the island so it's only bikes, feet, and horses. Also, it's very clean and crowded. We walked up to the Grand Hotel, where the entry fee to walk through the building and grounds is $12/person. We paid and went to the Cupola Bar for a grand view.

Worth the price of admission, and if I'm saying that, you know it was.

There are flowers enough everywhere to turn a July-Texan green with envy. All ours are dead and it is too beautiful for words in every flower box and on every street corner.

We played an 18-hole executive putting course and while the Golfer won, the rest of us tied respectfully at second place. Dinner and a trip back across the straits.

Today we took the scenic road to Traverse City. Out on Old Mission Peninsula, we visited several wineries and are bringing "samples" home.

Cooking brats from Missouri on the griddle and starting home tomorrow afternoon after we antique.

There--I'll be in charge again!

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