Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 3: M2M: A Tire-ing experience

Fifteen things to do in a Springfield IL Starbucks for 2 hours while waiting for new front tires:

1. Dry and curl hair
2. Split coffee cake
3. Tell everyone else's funny (to you) honeymoon stories. Wonder that some of these didn't doom marriage from start.
4. Watch grandparents and 3 kids at next table. Wonder if this is your future.
5. Tell your dad's war stories. Wonder that he survived.
6. Walk to Walgreen's.
7. On to Super K-Mart.
8. Lament that there are no antique malls within walking distance when you could go guilt-free. (Not that guilt will stop me.)
9. Solve the problem of cup holders on the dining table by buying a shower caddy.
10. Get a USA Today at McDonald's.
11. Back to Starbucks.
12. Buy water. What do they think this is--coffee?
13. Read the paper.
14. Read the book you (thankfully) brought with you.
15. Stand in front of McDonald's and be picked up by two guys in a rented RV.

On to the middle of Wisconsin to a family-owned RV park amid the pine trees. WiFi in the lobby. Spouse cooking chicken on the griddle. Travel companions doing laundry.

I sense an early night.

Spotted eight more state licenses and 2 Canadian provinces.

And... it's hot.

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At 7:24 PM CDT, Blogger Carol said...

I am loving this daily commentary!! Hope there will be some photos...... :)

At 7:25 PM CDT, Blogger Carol said...

I am loving this daily commentary!!! Hope there will be photos to back it up..... :)


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