Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 2: M2M: The Wine Tour

Seven Missouri wineries later, we are winding down! Saw some lovely countryside, but only added 5 states to our license plate collection plus two Canadian provinces. I found that a bit amazing considering the number of winery parking lots we were in.

We cooked breakfast today, omelets, bacon and toast. Very good. Traveling down the road we passed antique mall after antique mall after antique mall. Operative word here is passed. I smell a girls' trip to the innards of Missouri.

Gas prices are $2.69/gallon. No lie. And when one has a 60 gallon tank, that is very important.

This KOA, West St. Louis, is also nice, but very different from last night. Only 4 showers per gender and the laundry doesn't open until 8 in the morning! We plan to be well on the road by then. Yogurt and cereal for us when we have a lot of ground to cover to get to central Wisconsin. (I've never been to Wisconsin, but once we do, I'll only have three states left to visit: Oregon, North Dakota, and Minnesota.)

Taking photos when place is considered photo-worthy, such as Oak Glenn Winery in Hermann. Whole town worth a second trip.

Don't know about Wi-Fi over the next three nights, but I'll try.

PS: Soon it'll be my day to be in charge. You'll know it is when we go to used book stores and antique malls.

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