Thursday, June 13, 2013

A photo quandary

I've decided to scan in old family photos. This is a daunting task as anyone with 40 years of married family photos will tell you. But I've decided to take the photos from my dad's albums and scan them also.

I was happily removing and throwing away those landscapes from trips he made with his second wife. I tossed photos that I knew I had given him so I'd have the "original" in one of my myriad albums. I pulled photos for my cousin who does the genealogy, both photos to scan of those I only have one copy of, and photos of his family from visits long ago. I gathered photos of my parents' dear friends from a trip they made together in 1948 and I'll see they get them.

So I was happily going along, pulling and gathering, somewhere in the back of my mind wondering how I was going to organize this colossal mess, when I hit an album that gave me pause.

Daddy's second wife had taken all his photos from before my mother and glued (that's a problem for another post) them into an album. There are photos of Daddy's old friends and, ahem, girlfriends. Lots of girlfriends. Small, black and white photos, so very 1939-1940. So historic? Not one with a caption other than "Dick's Girlfriends before marriage" written on the album cover.

I started to pull them out. I even tossed two. And then, I thought, what if someone could do something with these? Is there a collage or project someone needs great old photos for? Do I search on Pinterest for "What to do with photos of Dad's old girlfriends?"

And while we're at it, I can pull right off the overstuffed shelves Mother's album of WWII postcards from men other than Daddy! For what it's worth, he does have his own page.

What do I do with so much history?

I need suggestions.


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