Tuesday, July 26, 2011

See my soapbox? I'm a-climbin' on it!


Why is it that a host/hostess at a restaurant thinks a woman, reasonably well-dressed and by herself, wants to sit in the bar for lunch?

It happened again today at a Mexican restaurant. I walk in at 12:35 and know what I want, a chicken fajita salad. I'd had one there two weeks ago and it was good and just the right amount so I was back for a repeat performance. And the host turns to his left and escorts me to the bar! The empty bar!

Now the dining room is basically empty. With the exception of the waitstaff who are all in black, I'm the best dressed person there! I'm not in jeans or cut-offs. I'm not trailing toddlers or kids with cell phone games. It's just me!

Two weeks ago, I'd said I'd rather sit elsewhere. Today, I got a bit miffed.

"Why," I asked him, "do all hosts think a woman by herself wants to sit in the bar?" I'm afraid my voice escalated a bit.

He took a step back and had no answer but to ask where I DID want to sit.

I looked at the 80% empty dining room. Anywhere else, I told him.

Pick a table, he said.

So I did.

The initial service was a bit slow and I contemplated that he'd warned the waitstaff off the bitch at my table. But one showed up, I ordered, was served promptly, and I left a generous tip. I was gone by 1:00 PM.

This is not an isolated experience. So if you're reading this and you're a host/hostess at a restaurant, feel free to comment and tell me why this continues to happen.

In the meantime, I'm going back in a couple weeks. Let's see if he remembers.

Rant over.

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