Monday, December 13, 2010

24 Days of Ornaments: Dec the 13th

Hmmm... yes, the image is a bit fuzzy on the bottom but that's the way it is trying to squeeze a three dimensional object onto a scanner bed. This is a spoon with an 'S' on the end of the handle. It's from the Hotel Statler (a Hilton property at one time, I believe because Mother always referred to it as The Statler Hilton) and no, it did not come home with me from a dinner. I found it in a pile of old silverware at a flea market.

My goal was to find four spoons with an 'S' on the end, that way I could have four Santas, one for each of us and one for each of the sons. That plan has mushroomed into needing, at minimum and for the moment, eight, so it's just as well that I only have two.

A friend painted the Santa on them. Indeed, she painted several and sold them at the library bazaar. My two with an 'S' (Sheraton, flea market) were a special order.

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