Thursday, December 02, 2010

24 Days of Ornaments: Dec the 4th

Reindeer, kangaroos, and cats. That pretty much sums up the animals allowed on the tree, although there are exceptions. Today we feature a cat. Not just any cat, of course. A Chico's cat.

For several years, Chico's stores put up a Christmas tree and hung it with various metal ornaments. Over the years, they became more elaborate and I think I might actually own 75% of the styles. This cat is one of several felines in my possession. My habit got so bad, that I would place them on a copy machine and keep the resultant copy with my November calendar pages so I wouldn't re-buy what I already had. That worked all but once.

This year, Chico's has moved on, having exhausted the ornament idea. But I'm still enjoying my cats. And dogs. Reindeer. Stars. A lady in a car...

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