Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The most important piece of paper in my wallet

What a mouthful of a title for such a small item. I got my new one just last week so that's why I'm prompted to write about it.

Once cut free from its postcard confines, it folds in half and neatly slips into a space in my wallet designed for a credit card. I carry it with me, although I don't use it but a couple times a year. Then I proudly whip it out from its spot behind the frequent-shopper cards and lay it down on the table in front of me. My name is copied off, I sign the register, slip the card back into its home, and go vote.

Can there be a more important piece of paper than the one which allows you to be, however miniscule, a part of the governing process of the place you live? You have only to read the international news to realize that citizens of other countries still die trying to do what I hardly give a second thought to and which so many of my fellow citizens don't care to do.

This post might better be reserved for election day, but then... that's not when I received my biennial update to voting place and district. I've slipped that most important piece of paper into my wallet and I'm very proud it's there.

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