Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting a leap on the season

Yesterday afternoon, I decide to join the throngs at the local Walmart. I figured most of the line-standing would be over, especially since I hadn't anything to exchange/take back, so it shouldn't be any worse than a regular school's-just-out time of day, and it wasn't. I didn't want to wait until today because I did want to cash in on half-price Christmas ribbon--and anything else which looked appealing.

I was not the only one with the afternoon idea. Buggies, always a tight squeeze to get two through the aisles, crowded and pushed. I was late to the game, as it were, but I still managed to do my share of helping Walmart clear their Christmas stock. It would appear I was just in time because...'s Valentine's already! Did you know that? We are skipping right over New Year's and settling in on heart-day. I know this for a fact because the greeting card displays had nary a 'Season's Greetings'. They had all been replaced with Valentine's Day. A wall of Valentines. And if we, the willing public, don't get on the ball and divest the shelves of all the Christmas, no telling what will happen to all that hapless ribbon and paper and doo-dads as they follow the single-price Christmas greeting cards into oblivion.

Maybe I'd better go back.

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