Saturday, December 26, 2009

Carding Christmas

I grew up decorating for Christmas the first part of December, then removing all traces on the 26th. I mean, it is over. Right? But a favorite part of it remains with me for a few days longer, as I reread all the cards and notes.

When the traditional Christmas greetings come in the mail, often I'm so busy I give them only a cursory glance. If I haven't already sent a card to the greeter, I'll make it a response one and post promptly. I always check the addresses, lest the envelope disappear into the trash. So, after Christmas, I have time to sort through them all, read the letters, and put the photos in our album. I get to watch everyone's family grow up and expand--and I love it!

Then, in my special Christmas diary, there's a place for Favorite Christmas Card Received. Sometimes I have to put in two. I like the clever and quirky, but also the sentimental.

I am so looking forward to going through my cards again. But first, I have to un-decorate. Hmmm... don't guess I can do that until I finish this post.

Duty calls.

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