Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Lite(r)

Christmas comes but once a year, but when pulling down the decorations from the attic, it seems it was but last week when we hauled them up there. My husband stands on the rickety pull-down stairs and pushes large box after large box of decorations and wrapping materials up to me the day after Christmas. I'm on a small landing pulling the boxes. Then I push them onto a half-floor, we dust ourselves off, and wait for the next year. In the meantime, he's carrying the bulky box of artificial, pre-lighted Christmas tree down to the garage for its year-long rest.

Therefore, it's no wonder when I asked this year if he'd like to decorate Christmas lite, that the words were barely out of my mouth before he gave an enthusiastic "yes!" We're not giving a large party and we're celebrating the Day at our son's.

No need for a big extravaganza decorating spree. Not really.

Which is why the place looks a little bare. Six years ago, knowing that we'd be flying to London on Dec. 27 for a wedding, I'd bought an artsy-tree. It's made from three tomato cages, painted gold and affixed upside-down in a lightweight pot. Garland winds from bottom to top and there are lights and fancy bird and fruit decorations on it. It's been living in the attic and took a bit of cleaning up to be presentable, but it's hung with our favorite ornaments.

Then, since they have their own homes, the stocking have gone to the sons. We have but three taped to the mantle, the third one belonging to the cats. The reindeer stayed in their boxes, although two Nativities (the reason for the Season, after all) are on the table.

That's it. At least it's more than the absolute no decor of 2005 when we spent the week leading up to Christmas in London. What I miss most, though, is the garland and lights I put on the stair railing.

So next year when we're hauling things down--all things, as it will be biennial party time--I don't want to hear (or think): Didn't we just put these up here?

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