Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scrabbling... and a note from Southwest Airlines

Not being able to pass up a bargain Scrabble game at a garage sale, I'm in possession of several. Rather than keep them in the closet ("Mega-Scrabble, anyone? Let's put three sets together!"), I decided to make a family crossword puzzle for the wall, maybe in the kitchen.

The problem comes in the dearth of appropriate letters. Those letters which cause sighs of regret when fetched in the game, like a K, take on real significance when several members of the family have names which need them: Kay, Sisk, Jack. As to the Ys--family, Casey, Kay, Mary, Emily--well, in short order, I needed more!

The probability of coming across cheap games is small, so I turned to that steady supplier of Americana, eBay. Sure enough, tiles abound. And not just sets of 100. No, I am currently the winner of 384, with free shipping. I just hope the set minus the 16 isn't minus the ones I need. But then, I didn't ask for an inventory, so my fault.

As to the luggage incident with Southwest which I blogged about on Tuesday, I received a very nice email from them, thanking me for my consideration in writing. No, Southwest, thank you for having an employee who cared.

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