Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Did you want your receipt?

Or how about your reciept? Your receict?

Waiting at LAX for our plane on Monday, I had need of a Starbucks LA-logo'ed mug for a friend. The smaller stand next to the gate didn't have such, so I ventured to the larger one near the Southwest entrance. Sure enough, mugs. I stood in line (nothing else to do) and did the author-thing: watching and listening. Not much going on, so I started reading. On the Starbucks chalkboard was a reminder that your 'reciept' from the morning would get you a cheaper beverage in the afternoon.

Thirty minutes later, we decided that a coffee would be in order and I, once again, stood in line to retrieve such, this time at the smaller operation beside our gate. Chalkboard also declared the advantage of having a morning 'receict'.

Between the two of them, they had it spelled correctly. And I really don't have anything else to say on the matter except I'd never thought of the latter permutation.

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